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Hi, my name is Alfonso Fernández, I'm a telematic engineer, a software developer and, most of the time, a geek.

My first steps were to code Html and Javascript. After some years, I suffered and enjoyed Assembly, learned object orientation with Java and had fun with TPC and UDP sockets in C.

For the last 6 years I've been developing for the web and learning everything I can about startups, system administration with Linux, Artificial Inteligence and design, as well as playing around with mobile development and thinking about coding something for domotic and electronic environments.

In 2012 I joined Talentum Startups Short Track, an internship granted by Telefonica which allowed me to spend 3 months in the Wayra Academy. During this period, I developed a social network for open knowledge Freekampus.

Then I started working for a social platform whose aim is to build lifestories through memories, a great project with a great team from whom I learn something new every day while improving my skills, facing new technologies and the most important, having fun.

Currently, I'm involved in a great project doing great stuff!

Let's code!


  • Telematic - curious - creative
  • Development - new technologies - design
  • social networks - Open culture - sharing


general skills

developing, prototyping, creativity


web, mobile & linux

Python, Php, Javascript, CSS, HTML, DDBB, IT management

frameworks, libraries & services

Django, Node.js, Zend Framework, Jquery, Bootstrap, OpenStreetmaps, Google APIS, Amazon Web Services, Oauth2


social platforms,
geolocation systems,
realtime applications


  • Freekampus

    Freekampus is an open community where you can learn about almost any topic. Share and find books, notes, courses, events, presentations, languages...
    You can join now and start sharing your stuff with the world :)

  • Atomio

    Input/Output interface wiht Node.js & AWS Elastic Beanstalk

  • Cluus

    A social market based on geolocation where users were able to buy, sell and exchange everything they wanted with people living close to them.
    Cluus closed in August 2012

  • Parrot ArDrone meets Arduino

    Very soon!

  • From Blender to Printer

  • From Blender to Unity3D

    Work in progress!